• Supreme Oak Natural
  • Terracotta Dark and Polar Pine
  • White Marble & Supreme Oak Grey
  • Garden Oak & Island Oak Moon
  • Floating Wood Snow
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  • www.parkettkaiser.de-Wineo-Vinyl-800-Craft-Mosaic-Dark-Fliesenoptik-gefaste-Kante-zum-kleben-DB00093_R3
  • Wineo
  • Wineo
  • Wineo
  • Wineo
  • Wineo


With the wineo brand, international company Windmöller stands for innovative and high-quality floor coverings in over 70 countries around the world. The design-oriented, elastic floor coverings from wineo are used in homes in exactly the same way as in commercial buildings: the premises of public authorities, in offices, in the catering industry, in day-care centres and schools, retail areas and exhibitions and in the healthcare sector. Impressive in terms of design and function and optimised for every requirement. Durable, low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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